Friday, September 30, 2011


It has been almost one year and I am struggling to write a blog. Like, a proper blog. Not one of the ghastly blogs I had before. I had been wrapped up in books. School life gets real pestering at times. And life get worse when you're going through the 'i-look-pudgy' or the 'my-corpulent-stomach-is-bulging-out-from-every-corner' phase. Ah, that's what's going on in my mind and my mother suggests me to think of other things worth worrying about. Well, sometimes she cringes about being bulky too (though she's not all that fat, she just makes a fuss out of everything). Well, who doesnt care about their facade ? Everybody wants to be in style. Well, without fashion we'd be naked. So, through this blog I would like to keep before you my heart and mind bare. I'm sure this will make everybody be acquainted to the kind of person I really am because people tend to be at cross purposes. I wear fashion upon my sleeve. It is the only thing after music thats tops my priority list.
As a kid I used to walk across the room in a super model-like way. I was thin then. I'd never thought i'd turn this rotund. I'm not very bulky but if I keep living my life this way not aiming at being thin, i'd be nowhere near the figure I wanted/had. Now this is the kind of talks my mother eschews listening to. Ha, I get too apprehensive about it. But these sick things are actually sickening. And the funny part is I can go on spilling the beans about it. Humph. Before I throw off balance and get off on a sidetrack i'll end talking about obesity here.
Im losing hair lately. The weather is too bad or maybe it's my hair. Spare me the horror, i'd rather blame it on the weather. My hair has been too benevolent without which I would have looked depilated and eerie.So, no criticism to my hair -_-
So, this post has brought out a piece of me before the world (im not this self-obsessed anyway) and I hope I stick by my promise of posting as often as possible cuz you know life gets real ugly and hustling  during the school life.
Caio x

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